Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Final Post

I have to admit,  I'm a bit sad to be posting my final post to Gavin's Tales. I am moving both my blogs and website to the same site in order to make life just a bit easier. I still plan on posting just as often (hah! that was a joke. I really plan on posting much, much, more). The new blogsite is located at www.thesaltedimage.com.

For our last bit of "A day in the life of G", our trip to the local pumpkin patch.
The weather was less than ideal. Freezing and windy...

Gavin LOVED the corn maze.
Check out the hair, he had some speed going on...

Now please head on over to my new blogsite, www.thesaltedimage.com. And leave me a comment so I know you found it (plus I just really like to get comments)!

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