Monday, February 18, 2008

Not Doing So Good...

at this whole blog thing. I'm thinking about combining my two blogs, wouldn't that double my chances to posting to one of them!? :)

So I have tons of pics I need to get up here. Gavin has had his first birthday so I need to post the obligatory cake-shot. His birthday was just about perfect. Everyone was there who was present for his birth, except Mom and Amie Jo (who I have to thank for documenting in pictures-the birth!), hence the "almost perfect" part of the last sentence. It was small and sweet and the kids all played so nicely together.

Angie and Tony were able to stay for the week and spend lots of time with G. Dustin and I took advantage of the free childcare and went out with friends to see U2 3-D, that was fun, I swear some of Bono's sweat got in my eye! We had a great time with our friends Dave n' Gwen that night, I love being around people who like to laugh! We also saw Shake Russel perform, he sings Texas folk-rock, and Gwen really likes him, so we made the trek to Beaumont to watch him perform at a quirky little cafe, good times.

Let me see, what else...We saw the movie Cloverfield, which I loved. I am a sucker for a good monster movie so it joins my list of top 10 favorites. If you see it be prepared to get sick, it is filmed with a hand held camera and I could have used some Dramamine.

Well, this week I will purpose to get some Birthday pics up, and try to post at least twice!

G-pic of the day...